Fostering a community of women of color who ride bikes in Portland, OR.



Our purpose is to promote and grow diversity in the cycling scene. Women of color are highly encouraged to join us. Our efforts are focused primarily on women/trans/femme/non-binary people of color but all women are welcomed.






We want to ensure that women of color have a safe, supportive and fun cycling community that they belong to. We encourage all forms of riding, from everyday commuting to casual riding to off-road adventures. 



We want to bring more exposure to women of color who aren’t being heard in the cycling community. There is a huge lack of representation for women of color in cycling media, advocacy and organizations. We believe that we can break down the typical white male cyclist stereotype if we combine and amplify our voices together. 



We believe in volunteering, donating and working with our allies to encourage more cycling advocacy for women of color. We support nonprofits, businesses and individuals who encourage progress for the cycling community. 




Molly was born in Seoul, Korea and raised Maryland. She fell in love with bikes in 2007 while attending Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Afterwards she lived in Brooklyn, NY and got hooked on riding her fixie through the busy streets. She moved to Portland at the end of August 2016 after biking from Virginia to Oregon. Ever since then she prefers riding with gears (and brakes) and is planning her next long adventure.





Gritchelle is a Californian Filipina who moved to Portland two years ago. She started riding bikes in 2005 as a way to commute through the hilly streets of San Francisco. One day she decided to ride 35 miles out of the city on her single speed and was instantly hooked on the idea of cycling as a recreational sport. Gritchelle loves most forms of riding: commuting, mountain biking, off road adventuring and racing cyclocross.






The name Friends on Bikes originally came from a group of (Asian) friends while attending Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA who loved all things related to cycling. From exploring their city on two wheels, to riding in almost every state in America. While most of the group has moved to other states, they still possess a passion for cycling and ride their bikes together whenever they reunite. Their group represents a diverse mix of Asian backgrounds - Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Tibetan and Filipino.